Calisto Palos Junior

Calisto Palos, or "Junior" as he is called, has been handcrafting woods since an early age with influences from his Father Calixto Palos, repairing and creating wood works such as benches, tables, chicken coops, and other household items. This grew into a passion to shape and create unique items all handcrafted in an area called Kokomo, which is situated on the slopes of Haleakala on the exotic island of Maui. Utilizing Koa, Milo, Mango, Pheasant Wood, Purple Heart, Silver Oak, Kamani, Wili Wili, and Hau to create various shapes and objects over the years led to new goals and ideas including mastering the ancient art of shaping Wa'a (canoe) and Hoe (paddle) which are replicas of those used during the reign of Kamehameha the Great, The Hawaiian King who united all of the islands. Our great ancestors' architecture and engineering are some of the last surviving elements of modern day Hawaiian Culture.

Whether found on the beach, deep in Hana's rainforests, or on the side of the road, if a scrap of wood is usable, Junior will masterfully transform it into a unique work of art for your enjoyment. Each piece is designed and shaped with genuine Aloha from the heart. You will be graced with a timeless piece of ancient Hawai'i that will become a family heirloom.

To find out more about Junior's art, please use contact me!

Be sure to watch the Youtube video Calisto Palos - Hawaiian Paddle Maker.